Franchise:  We are looking for smart individuals / entrepreneurs with sound knowledge and experience in textile or retail to be the Karlsburg Franchisee. Shop n Shop:   Existing Retail Outlets can allocate a part of the shop to Karlsburg, on a revenue share basis
Distributor:   We provide distributorship opportunities, Can supply goods to shops or other businesses.

Commission Agent:   Individual person can sell Karlsburg Products for a Certain % of fee or Commission against volume of sales.

Dealership:   Karlsburg Dealership Opportunity is for existing textile shop Owners to sell products at the retail level. Afflidate:  Karlsburg Associate Opportunity is for existing eCommerce or Bloggers to sell products at their Website.




Unit / Shop Area
350 - 1000 Sq. ft.
Commission% / Revenue Sharing
Approx. 35%
Infrastructure Investment
Rs. 3 Lakhs - Rs. 7 Lakhs

 ROI Time-frame     
1 - 2 years


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