Know your Shirt fabrics and their advantages:

When it comes to shirt fabrics, buyers have a lot of options. Choosing the right material can dictate the comfort, fit and ease of laundering the garment. Cotton is the most common and widely used material in men's shirts. It is plant based, breathable fabric that keeps one cool and comfortable. It could shrink, so beware and choose the right size accordingly. Rayon is a soft, light weight and an easy to wear, man made fabric.


It can crush easily and the material itself may not last after many washes. Poplin is a popular material that has been used in menswear for generations. It is the most popular type of cotton material . Polyester may be the least expensive material from man made synthetic fibers. When added to other fibers it holds shape, does not wrinkle and makes for easy care. Which is why most often such fabrics are wrinkle free and could even melt if ironed.


Linen is a bit coarser than cotton, dries fast, breathable and wrinkles easily. Gives a casual look and is great for warm weather conditions. When shopping for men's shirts, consider the fabric and advantages before buying: it could contribute to your overall satisfaction of the garment overtime.